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Dedicated to the Research and Creation of Stress-Reducing, Empowering Spaces

Trauma-informed Design Society

Trauma-informed Design Evaluation Tool for K-12 Schools
The Impact of Trauma-informed Design on Education

What is Trauma-informed Design?

Our physical environment can impact our emotions and behaviors, both negatively and positively.  They have the ability to increase or reduce our stress.  The spaces in which we live and receive services can communicate safety and promote supportive relationships, or they can symbolize lack of dignity and agency, encouraging re-traumatization.


Trauma-informed design (TiD) is about integrating the principles of trauma-informed care, as originally established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and continually evolving, into design.  The goal is to create physical spaces that promote safety, well-being, and healing.  

Learn more about TiD, see case studies, and access the latest research and resources in these pages.

Recent Case Studies

Y2Y Harvard Square

The nation's first youth-led shelter for unhoused youth

Child Abuse Intervention Center

A view from the field: An adaptive reuse project

Maine Correctional Center

This facility is the culmination of a system-wide forward-thinking transformation

Supportive Housing Projects

Connecting Paradigms podcast on Shopworks' approach to TiD for supportive housing projects

How TiD Can Transform Homeless Shelters

Brandi Tuck – TEDxMtHood


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