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Corridor and Main Entrance of Secure Detention Center

Massachusetts Department of Youth Services Northeast Regional Center
Photo By Trent Bell Photography and Courtesy of ICON Architecture

Talks, Podcasts, and Presentations

What the Experts Are Saying

Cornell Keynote:  Trauma-informed Design Interventions:  How to Build Environments to Serve Older Adults

As communities evaluate innovative solutions for aging in place and delivery of care, this panel explored how Trauma-informed Design can inform our approaches to living environments for aging adults and their caregivers.

Trauma Research Foundation's 35th Annual Boston International Trauma Conference:  The Impact of Trauma-informed Design on Education

The Trauma-informed Design Society presented the research behind it's Trauma-informed Design Evaluation Tool for K-12 Schools (TiDEvalK12) to a world-wide audience of clinicians and scientists specializing in the field of trauma research and care through this poster.

Inclusive Designers Podcast:  An Award-Winning TiD Tool for Designing Schools (Season 5, Episode 1)

What is the Trauma-informed Design Society’s award-winning  TiDEvalK12 Tool and how can it be used to help designers and educators identify ways to make positive changes within their schools?

In this episode, you’ll meet the team that created this thought-provoking tool that can bridge the gap of language and understanding to ultimately reduce stress through the built environment.

BAC Talks (Winter 2021) and Inclusive Designers Podcast:  Trauma-informed Design:  Transforming Correctional Design for Justice (Season 2, Episode 3)

Panel discussion that addresses the real consequences of the prison environment on human biology, which result in lasting impacts on incarcerated individuals, and provides an alternative approach to correctional design in light of these irrefutable facts.

BAC Talks (Summer 2020) and Inclusive Designers Podcast:  Trauma-informed Design:  A Look at Educational Environmental Design in a Post-Pandemic Environment (Season 1, Episode 7)

Interdisciplinary panel discussion, led by Boston Architectural College faculty, addresses the need for a trauma-informed approach when designing K-12 schools, and explores the role of designers in providing safe and sustainable futures in educational environments.  The discussion includes an exploration of design solutions to social inequities.

Inclusive Designers Podcast: Designing for Trauma-informed Design (Season 1: Episode 5) with Davis Harte and Janet Roche

What does ‘trauma-informed’ mean, and how can design help create a comforting, supportive and safe space for those who feel vulnerable during trauma recovery? J. Davis Harte, PhD joins us to discuss trauma-informed design, and walks us through her designs for a former bank redesigned to be an abuse intervention center for children and youth.

Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture 2021 Symposium Poster:  Trauma’s Impact on the Brain and Implications for Design

Trauma’s Impact on the Brain and Implications for Design introduces the brain science research that led to the emerging field of Trauma-informed Design.

Inclusive Designers Podcast:  Trauma-informed Design for Behavioral Health with Meredith Banasiak:  3-Part Series

This just in…new changes are coming for those who create spaces for Behavioral Health. Combining the scientific knowledge from Neuroscience and the research evidence from Trauma-Informed Design is opening up new ways to optimize health, performance and access.

An Adaptive Reuse Project

Harte, J. D. (2019). “View from the field: An adaptive reuse project with a trauma-informed design lens, to benefit a child-abuse intervention center”. In Beth, A., Wener, R., Yoon, B., Rae, R. A., & Morris, J. (Eds.). Proceedings from EDRA 50: Sustainable urban environments. Brooklyn, NY: Environmental Design Research Association.

Creating Places of Safe Refuge

Harte, J. D. (2017). “Trauma-informed design: Interdisciplinary teamwork to create places of safe inclusive refuge within an urban middle school”. In J. Shin, M. Narayan, & S. Dennis, Jr. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 48th Annual Conference of the Environmental Design Research Association: Voices of Place, Madison, WI (p. 186). Madison, WI: The Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA).

Learn More About Trauma-Informed Design

Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) (nd). “COTS presentation: Learn more about trauma-informed design.”

The Healthcare Design Podcast:  Mental Health:  Crisis Care Design

Join the conversation with Behavioral Health Planner and Architect Stephen Parker, AIA of Stantec, hosted by Mike Bennett, AIA.

Nadine Burke Harris’ TED Talk: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

Matthew Bennett’s Connecting Paradigms podcast with Jennifer Hope Wilson and Rev. Laura Rossbert

Connecting Paradigms podcast on Shopworks' approach to TiD for supportive housing projects.

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