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Featured Student Work

A Sampling of Students' Best Work

Trauma-Informed Transitional Home for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals


This final design project  by Kamilah Ain Welch was a trauma-informed transitional home for formerly incarcerated individuals in Providence, RI.  Her intention was to design a space that provided opportunities for their restoration, growth in community, and a reaffirmation of their agency, along with the supports to gradually work at healing physically, mentally, and emotionally, without neglecting the needs of the staff.

Trauma-informed Design Emergency Department

Slide Screenshot2.png

Christina Shaffer explored the applicability of Trauma-informed Design principles in an emergency department (ED) to enhance elements of physical, psychological, and emotional safety through the built environment.  Based loosely on the size, scope, and floor plans of an existing ED in Nova Scotia, Canada, this project sought to identify opportunities, such as modifying the flow of traffic, to modulate the busy and sometimes unpredictable stimuli of an ED setting to enhance care for individuals experiencing trauma.

Trauma-informed Design Project:  Cape Cod Wellness Center


Kelsey Jones chose to use an existing historical structure in Cape Cod, MA as the floor plan for a women's transitional housing center.  The concept and programming for her design was based on the services provided by two housing programs that support women experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity in Boston, MA.

Transitional Housing for Survivors of Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

Krishna Cover.png

Krishna Sreenivas set this program that aids women and children in their transition from emergency shelter to permanent housing on 2.58 acres in Cupertino City, CA.  The site contains 14 residential units, four of which are designed specifically for individuals with mobility needs, a counseling room, community and multipurpose halls, a gym, library, common kitchen and dining areas, and day care facilities, all set around a beautiful and interactive courtyard.

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