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Maine Correctional Center


Windham, Maine, USA





Correctional Facility

The Maine Correctional Center (MCC) reconfiguration is the culmination of a 20+ year, system wide transformation to a forward-thinking, rehabilitation focused operational model for the Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC). SMRT has been a trusted partner of the MDOC for the duration of this journey, designing facilities across the state to enable the growth of their future-focused mission.

The design of the new MCC provides ample opportunities for education, rehabilitation and treatment services for all of the incarcerated population. New housing units provide safe, clean environments filled with natural light, bright colors and normalized furnishings. Residents have views of the surrounding meadows and direct access to exterior spaces within each housing pod. Additional features include spaces for medication-assisted-treatment, healthcare and mental health services, a new gym and fitness facility, chapel and music room. Classroom spaces are also featured inside each pod, as well as in a centralized educational building.

SMRT paid special attention throughout the planning and design process to the experience of visiting family members, especially children with incarcerated parents. The entrance, public lobby and family visitation areas utilize conventional materials, normal furnishings and soft colors to create a welcoming, human-scale environment to reduce anxiety and promote calmness and connection.

This $149 million reconfiguration also includes a new central unity plant, which is capable of serving all of the new and renovated buildings on campus with additional capacity for any future needs.

The new facility also features a new kitchen, laundry and support facilities to serve the 980-resident population. Staff, service providers, and volunteers now have access to contemporary office spaces, meeting, locker, and fitness rooms.

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