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Design Research & Architect, Host of Shared Space

HKS, Inc.

Platinum Credentialed



Design Research & Architect, Host of Shared Space

Erin is a passionate advocate for the power of place to heal, connect, and serve vulnerable populations. Her work on design's role in combatting loneliness has been featured by TEDx, BBC, Psychology Today, ARCHITECT, SXSW, Curbed, KERA (NPR), NBC-DFW, and Metropolis Magazine and others. Her podcast, Shared Space, explores how architecture and design can help us live healthier, happier and more connected lives. 

Erin Peavey, AIA is the Health & Well-being Design Leader at global design firm HKS. An architect, researcher, and communicator, she integrates research and practice to design for health, combat loneliness, and foster resilience. Erin gives back to her community as a keynote speaker, writer, coach, and board member. An Industry Scholar for Cornell’s Institute for Healthy Futures, she has also served as Research Chair for the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation for nearly a decade. 

Her research is published in international scientific journals and industry publications, including Environment & Behavior, Fast Company, HERD Journal, JONA, and many others. Erin has been recognized as 40 Under 40 by Building Design and Construction, a 20 under 40 Top Young Professional by Engineering News Record, a Rising Star by Healthcare Design Magazine, and as Healthcare Design’s Best Under 40 by the Academy of Architecture for Health.

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